About Reith Laser

Reith Laser is the competence center for Laser Material Processing and part of the Muon Group

Who we are

Reith Laser was founded by ir. J. Reith in Nijmegen in 1988. At a time when business was still relatively unknown with the possibilities of modern laser technology, he was convinced with the advantages that laser processing offers compared to traditional material processing techniques. Meanwhile, Reith Laser has developed into a reliable and capable supplier, who has multiple laser specialties at home.

A team of expert laser specialists and constant investments in state-of-the-art laser equipment form the basis for that success. In addition to (volume) production, Reith Laser works on prototyping and research. Continuous innovations for Reith Laser are the way to maintain and build the lead in the market.

Muon Group

Reith Laser is part of the Muon Group. The Muon Group consists of leading companies in the fields of Electroforming, Chemical Etching and Laser Material Processing. It serves the world’s most innovative, hi-tech companies from industries that demand high quality and precision. The group’s technologies allow a powerful combination of precision and economical production; for high volumes and prototypes, standard and custom-made products.

Electroforming, Chemical Etching, Laser Material Processing

Founded in 1934

Largest R&D in the industry

30 years of innovation

350 employees worldwide

Global presence

Largest independent manufacturer

ISO certified: 9001, 14001, OHSAS18001

Brand values

The Muon Group DNA. What guides our companies’  identities and behaviour.


We always find solutions

When our customers have hit a wall, we can’t wait to climb over it and invite them to join us.


We will try new ways

Just because no one else has done it, that doesn’t make it impossible. It’s up to us to create new ways.


We will make it happen

When you’re changing the world, atom by atom, you need determination and belief in the outcome.


Performance guaranteed

The guaranteed performance of our micro-precision parts is impressive on multiple levels.

Are you ready to co-develop your next-gen innovation with us?

Our R&D team is ready to take your precision inquiries to unprecedented levels

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Company number: 10029257

Reith Laser is part of Veco Precision.

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