Laser Material Processing: Laser Welding

Laser welding is a welding process to join multiple pieces of components with laser.

What is Laser Welding?

Laser welding is a welding process to join multiple pieces of components with laser. The laser welding process operates in different modes which depend on power density of the focused laser spot.

(1) Conduction limited welding

Conduction limited laser welding occurs when the power density is typically less than 1MW/cm2. It is mostly used when a high width-to-depth ratio weld is desirable.

(2) Keyhole welding

Keyhole welding, also referred to as penetration welding, achieves weld penetration in a different way. In keyhole welding mode, the power density is typically beyond 1.5MW/cm2. Deep narrow weld with an aspect ratio greater than 1.5 can be achieved in this way.

Product examples

A quick peek at what we can do with Laser Welding.

Our Laser Welding solutions

Reith supplies top quality cost efficient welding solutions. Ultra-fine micro welding can be achieved with pulsed laser welding. With flexible pulse shaping, desired weld shape and depth can be achieved at a minimum level of heat input and the thermal influence on the components to be welded is kept to a minimum.

With industry leading laser capabilities and metallurgical knowledge, Reith works with our customers from the early design phase and co-develop the whole project to make sure our customers can get a best optimized solution customized to their demand.  

Key benefits:

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High productivity

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Low heat input/ low distortion

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Flexible pulse shaping (laser power and pulse) for desired weld shape and depth

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Deep penetration can be achieved

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Ease of automation

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Process stability and repeatability

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Cost-effective tooling


Stainless Steel

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